Upstalsboom Hotel & Resort in Wyk on Föhr

  • Upstalsboom Hotel & Resort in Wyk on Föhr
    Upstalsboom Hotel & Resort in Wyk on Föhr
Once arrived in Dagebüll Mole, whether by train via Niebüll or by car via Husum, Bredstedt and Schlüttsiel, the relaxation state begins immediately. The North Sea often greets you stormy and rough, especially now in February. But the good salty air you breathe in makes you dream of relaxing days. During a short walk on the dyke of Dagebüll, your gaze wanders to the Halligen, which lie just off the coast, and to the two large islands of Amrum and Föhr.

The Upstalsboom Hotel & Resort in Wyk on Föhr - the ideal place for corporate incentives, executive meetings, coaching and training.

Amrum and Föhr can be reached several times a day by ferry from Dagebüll. You can easily embark your car on the ferry or park it in Dagebüll on one of the large parking lots for days and then drive to the islands with luggage only.

After about 55 minutes by ferry and a fine tea in the cozy on-board restaurant, you will reach Wyk on Föhr. Once there, the pick-up service from the Upstalsboom Hotel & Resort is already waiting for you. Within a few minutes you will be at the hotel, where the super-friendly staff will greet you.

Upstalsboom Hotel & Resort - top class directly on the North Sea beach.

The Upstalsboom Hotel & Resort, despite its size fits perfectly into the landscape, with hotel facilities plus residences suitable for a longer stay. Casual and beautiful, with spacious rooms and suites, spa facilities, library, the eilun spa, a restaurant in the hotel and the excellent Sydbar right on the beach. The combined lobby and bar is the center and meeting point of the hotel, where people meet and have a cozy drink in the evening before going to bed and look out over the sea.

The Upstalsboom is the perfect place for those seeking peace and quiet, but also for corporate incentives, executive meetings, coaching and training. Inquire and book the Upstalsboom Hotel & Resort now at MEET live, phone +49 (0)6032 785 93 90 or email L_ed__evil-teem--teem. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

The hotel is the starting point for walks to Wyk. Either along the promenade or directly at the water through the sand. And when the tide is out, you can also walk quite a distance through the mudflats. A true experience. Or you can walk right along the water in the direction of Nieblum and Hedehusum to Utersum to explore the north of the island. A true experience with a direct view to Amrum or then in Utersum to the lighthouse of Hörnum on Sylt.

In summer, mudflat walks are very popular. You can walk directly from Föhr to Amrum, recommended with a mudflat guide, because halfway there is a Priel waiting for you. When the tide is high, the Priel is also used as a navigation channel for the Adler ships on their way from Sylt to Amrum.

Executive meetings, coaching and training

Back at the Upstalsboom Hotel & Resort, here you can hold excellent executive meetings, trainings and coachings. During the seasonal off-peak hours, you will always have plenty of space, either in the library or in one of the large suites. Undisturbed, confidential and discreet with top service and excellent food.

Book the Upstalsboom Hotel in Wyk on Föhr with MEET live, phone +49 (0)6032 785 93 90 or email: L_ed__evil-teem--teem. We know the island and the hotel and will be happy to assist you in word and deed.

P.S. The photo was taken by our CEO Oliver Stoldt on February 11, 2022, staying at the Upstalsboom Hotel in Wyk on Föhr for 28 days and conducting executive trainings and speaker coachings almost every day. Further coachings & trainings are already planned for 2023.